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A Light For My Path

When life knocks the wind out of me, I have found no better remedy than to go to the pages that are God-breathed. When I feel unexplained joy, I run to these poetic passages that somehow understand why my feet are dancing. Why my soul is alive. When I’m confused and need counsel, I find stories of people just like me, struggling to trust. To let go. To hold on.

And I’m reminded that maybe…just maybe, I’m not alone. And oh, how we’re never alone. I feel comfort, somehow. I find peace. This isn’t a book filled with meaningless paper and words. It’s a lifeline. An oxygen giver. It fills you up. And sometimes, it knocks you down. It’ll make you realize you’re not above anyone or anything. That we’re all reaching up, hoping that someone will take our hand and lead the way. We’re all the least of these, and to God, that’s a beautiful thing.

He scoops us up — brokenness and all, and allows us to sit at His feet. To tell us a story like a Father who’s looking to comfort and teach His child. What a beautiful God. Deserving of all, yet giving all…for us. I’ll never deserve it, but I’ll forever treasure it. A lamp to my feet. A light for my path.


Julianne Wilson

Striving to make the world a little brighter.

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