The reason why you might be looking for home remedies is probably that you may have one or two hopefully not three of these little sores that have formed right inside of your mouth. That can be both a good and a bad thing depending on how long you wait before you start treating them.

I always say the best way to get rid of a problem like that is to start treating it before it comes into full play, which brings me to tell you about the wrong thing that I mentioned a few words ago.

The good thing is that there are remedies for canker sores that do work and can give you relief over time from the pain of your canker sores. Here are three things that you can use to treat your canker sores one of them being something that you can use to stop you take a wound before it is fully formed.

Let’s start with treating you take a sore before he starts. When you first notice a canker sore inside of your mouth whether it be from tangling, warmth or any other discomfort the best thing to do is to put the tablet of activated charcoal right on the area.

Once the sensation is only which usually less about 15 to 20 minutes, you can remove the charcoal from the area. The way that these works are the charcoal absorbs the virus which prevents the eruption in a canker sore. Be sure not to use more than one tablet an hour.

Another home remedies for would be to use green witch hazel. I make sure that you don’t confuse this with alcohol-based witch hazel that you usually see in fact it may be wise to look for it by its botanical name which would be Hamamelis Virginiana. The best way to use this is to put it either on a piece of gauze or in water and place it on the sore for about 10 to 15 minutes 4 times a day.

And of course, the last thing that you can use would be bee propolis. This helps seal in the nutrients and moisture so that the tissue can rebuild faster. There, now you have three home remedies canker sores that work.

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