My name is Juli Wilson. I’m a Student of 23 years old.

I love movies, Mainly comedies like the Madea movies, anything with Jim Carrey, and I obviously love all the Fast and Furious movies (R.I.P Paul Walker), and I’ve also become more into Horror, Scary movies Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St. Thinner.. etc, etc..

I play some games, not nearly as much as i used to.. I have a 360, ps3 with a good amount of COD, racing simulators, but I still dont have any sports games (fifa, madden.. etc, mainly because I can’t stand to play them on a game..) On the PC, I just play some UltimateScape, used to play Sudden Attack (Korea, SEA, and NA) and ofcourse the old RS.

I love sports (minus ice hockey) I used to play American Futbol (Soccer) I use to play baseball up until High School

I love most music, Mainly Hip-Hop, R&B.. I however, CANNOT stand Country music.. sorry if there’s any fans that might read this, but in my opinion.. it’s horrible.

Anyways that’s a little bit into myself and my life.