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Moms, You Don’t Have To Do It All

I remember it so clearly. Mostly because it happened, um…yesterday. I yelled. I yelled so outrageously loud. I yelled rudely. I yelled at my husband. My loving, patient, handsome husband. (Sorry, babe) He didn’t do anything bad. He actually didn’t do anything wrong at all. So why did I yell? Because he asked me to do something for him. He asked me to bring something to him as I walked into the room.¬†Out came my roar….”I JUST NEED A MINUTE!! OKAY!? A MINUTE!!!”

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I Have A Dream…And You Do, Too

I’m a firm believer that everyone has potential. The only problem is that so many people never come to realize it. And if they do, they rarely do anything with it. Graveyards are full of potential – buried down deep, much like the dreams most of us have in our hearts. We’re afraid to pursue them, so we push them back. We’re afraid of what others may think, so we don’t talk about them. We’re worried we might fail, so we don’t try at all. We’re walking corpses – never living to our full potential. Never living the lives we were made for.

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