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How To Escape The Mess

You know what? Sometimes life is just plain hard. It happens in it’s own way, fashion and time. Sure, we can make plans, but just as soon as we do, things like sickness, break-ups, friendship troubles, family issues, and heck, even unexpected bad weather get in the way. They slow us down. They remind us we’re not in control of what happens next.

The Path To Parenthood

Once upon a time I decided to share some of the pages of my life that were hard to write. The one’s I tried so hard to cover up. I told you about the adoption process my husband and I embarked on, and how the birth mother ending up keeping that sweet baby boy that we so loved and cared for. I told you about the aching, unanswered question of “why” that constantly filled my mind. The pain that filled our hearts that beated with the hope of being parents, and lastly, I told you about the faithfulness of the Lord EVEN IN the confusing, heart wrenching, dark moments of my life.