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What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Things are getting real around here,  you guys. I mean really real. Our little dude is due next month, but much like his daddy,  he likes to work on his own timetable and do things in his own unique way. I love that about my men. They keep me on my toes.

Thanks to some awesome doctors and lots of prayers, we’ve been able to keep Finchy cooking a little longer – which is awesome since those tiny lungs need more time to develop. Our goal is to make it to at least 35 weeks. Anything past that is a bonus. Gold star sticker and high-five worthy.

All that being said, we’ve been getting things ready in advance – aiming for my due date, but realizing he’ll probably make his grand appearance before then.

So, for you mama’s who are wondering, much like I did, “WHAT IN THE HECK DO I BRING!?” – this post is for you. For us. Let’s jump in!


Overview of the bounty. Not pictured: dirty makeup bag, sweat pants, baggy t-shirts, diaper-sized pads and granny panties. Trust me…ain’t nobody who wants/needs to see all that.

mama bag

First things first, this duffel bag’s the greatest. The faux leather is a beautiful camel color, which sets the perfect backdrop for the fun white monogram. Yes, I’m fan-girling over a bag. It’s that great.  My all-time favorite part of the bag would have to be it’s size. The inside is roomy and holds everything this mama needs for the hospital!  * Duffel Bag From Our Monogram Boutique *


A few other essentials for me – ponytails, bobby pins, qtips + lotion. These are always a good idea. For snacking, I packed some almonds because they are a pregnancy fav of mine. Doesn’t hurt that they are nutritious, either. If you’re into that kind of thing. Oh, and peppermints. My beloved peppermints. I’ve been obsessed with them since entering my 3rd trimester. Pregnancy is weird.

Now, for my favorite part – this cute polkadot Gownie! Let’s face it..hospitals

(bless their hearts) leave much to be desired with the tent like, bum showing, lysol smelling gowns they supply to us laboring mamas. Having a baby isn’t glamorous, but it is a super beautiful experience…so why not dress for the occasion? Maybe I’m just a sucker for cute fabrics and having my backside covered. Hey, now I want a sucker. Blow-pop, if I’m getting specific. * Gownie from Milk & Baby *


I don’t know about you, but my hair is kind of intrusive. It invites itself to cover my eyes and poof up like a dandelion. That’s why I packed my Banded headband. Not only is it cute, but it also serves a purpose – every product you purchase provides two meals for those in need. What could be better than that? Be sure to check them out here * Headband from Banded*

Now, if you’re anything like me, sometimes you just need a little encouragement. I would consider pushing a baby out of our bodies to be one of those times. That’s why these adorable “Push” socks are the perfect delivery accessory. Just keep pushing, keep pushing. These slip resistant socks make a fun addition to any hospital bag. * Push socks from  Milk & Baby *


Ladies, let me tell you about my best friend. Look at this stuff, y’all. Ointments, toiletries, snacks, cards and more. This kit took of the pressure of gathering all of the “mama must haves” that were on my list. I’m all about convenience when it comes to preparing for d-day. There’s so much to worry about before babe comes – packing shouldn’t be one of them. * Push Pack from Small Batch Studio *


Alright. Let’s get to the bottom of things here, ladies. I mean literally. Birthing/nursing a baby is a totally natural thing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt! If you find yourself singing “This bum is on fire” to the tune of Alicia Keys, stop the chorus and reach for some New mama bottom spray instead. In addition to that, I also packed lots of organic baby oils, lotions and creams. Calming herbal teas also made their way into my bag. Yum. * Birth and Baby Kit from Earth Mama Angel Baby *
IMG_5148 IMG_5145

Lastly, I made sure to include a comfy, bright colored blanket and a boppy for those first few days with my little guy.  * Donut cover not required, but it is highly suggested for ultimate cuteness *



Here’s an overview of my little Finch’s bag. How are baby items so cute? I just squealed.


Don’t let this super attractive, dark navy/yellow diaper bag fool you – it’s worth more than just good looks. With four huge pockets and a spacious inner compartment, this “little” thing was the perfect choice for my son. He kind of has a lot of clothes, and I kind of can’t decide what all to bring to the hospital…so I think I’ll probably just bring it all. Who doesn’t need 10 pairs of pants for two days? Excessive? Maybe? Oh well. * Diaper Bag From Baby High Pants * (Fuzz not included. That’s a gift from my dog, Eloise)


What’s black, white and lovely all over? This fun little Diaper clutch! It has plenty of space for a travel-size case of wipes and also has a pocket for diapers and small tubes of cream. I just love this handy little thing. * Clutch From Black Arrow Studio *IMG_5122

That’s a wrap! No, wait…it’s a swaddle. It’s not just any swaddle, though – it’s a soft, organic, personalized, sweet swaddle made custom for the world’s (okay…my world’s) most anticipated baby. I’m in love. It’s just perfect. * Custom Swaddle From Little Woolf *


There ya have it, ladies! All that’s left to do is hop in the car and go have this little dude. I hope this little overview of my hospital bag can help you out with yours. What items do you like best? What did/are you packing in yours? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


—Juli Wilson