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A Light For My Path

When life knocks the wind out of me, I have found no better remedy than to go to the pages that are God-breathed. When I feel unexplained joy, I run to these poetic passages that somehow understand why my feet are dancing. Why my soul is alive. When I’m confused and need counsel, I find stories of people just like me, struggling to trust. To let go. To hold on.

The Pages That Are Hard To Write

Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Life.

Every moment we’re alive makes up the pages of our lives. Some chapters are exciting, like the ones filled with holidays, graduations, weddings, and babies, but then there are the not so fun chapters. The chapters we’d rather not write. The chapters we’d rather others never read. That’s where I’ve been lately – smack in the middle of the difficult pages. The ones that are hard to write.