Spring means the start of family picnics. Heading to the park with the kids and family dog is a great way to bond as a family. Why not incorporate some fun and easy recreational sport into your next family picnic. Here is a list of five of my favorite activities or games to play at a family picnic.

Croquet, a fun outdoor game

I used to list croquet as my favorite sport, but due to the ridicule doled on me by my more athletic friends, I now list croquet as my “favorite outdoor game.” You can purchase wooden croquet set at many discounts or sporting good stores for a relatively small amount of money.

Halex sells wooden croquet set for just $29.99 on Amazon.com. Croquet is a fun game for people of all ages, though small children will need some assistance when playing. Croquet doesn’t take up much space and set up is pretty simple.

Wiffle Ball a Classic American Picnic Game

A pure plastic whiffle ball bat and ball is all you need for a fun family picnic game. If you have a small child under the age of five, you may want to purchase one of those thicker whiffle ball bats to make it easier for him or her to hit the ball.

You can purchase a waffle ball and bat set at any discount, sporting goods or toy store. Wiffle ball sets are available for less than $5.00. Wiffle ball is a great way to introduce small children to the joys of baseball.

Indian Ball a Politically Incorrect Name for a Fun Picnic Game

I know the name is politically incorrect, but this is a fun family picnic game that I know only by this name, so please forgive me. Indian ball uses a whiffle ball bat and ball. To play the game, you have a batter hit the ball, while all others stand in the field.

The person who catches the ball (or picks it up off the ground) has the opportunity to throw the ball and hit the bat. The batter first lays the whiffle ball bat on the ground. If the thrower is successful in running the bat, it is then his or her turn to be the batter. This is a fun and easy game that can be played with three or more people. It is a great picnic game for young children.

A simple game of Tag

We played freeze tag all the time when I was a child. I have interested my children in the joys of playing this simple picnic game that requires no fancy equipment. Just select one person to be “it,” and that person has the job of chasing the other players until catching one. The one who is caught then takes over as the chaser.

Volley Ball - Favorite Family Picnic Game

Many picnic sites already have a volleyball net up to allow you to play volleyball. I can’t think back to the summer days of my childhood without thinking remembering the many family volleyball games we had at family picnics.

If your park does not have a volleyball net, you can bring your own and set it up without too much difficulty. Volleyball sets are available at most discount or sporting goods stores.

Family picnics are one of the best ways to bond as a family. Enjoy this pure, old-fashioned pleasure. Make your picnic even more fun by including one of these family games.