Lemonade: The Drink of Summer

The traditions of summer include hot dogs, hamburgers, and lemonade. Lemonade type drinks have consumed the world over but have their roots in the Middle East. There is three modern-day version of lemonade. There is clear lemonade made with no sugar and clear water or soda water. Cloudy lemonade has traditionally been lemon juice mixed with sugar and carbonated water. This is the most common lemonade consumed in the US. In Europe, Fizzy Lemonade is a sweet carbonated lemon soda.

Pink Lemonade was developed at either the circus or fair depending on which story you chose to believe. Pink Lemonade is generally considered sweeter than cloudy lemonade. It was either made accidental when candy or red dye made its way into some traditional cloudy lemonade brew. One of the delicious recipes that I tried is a honey lemond, it's just a terrific taste.

There are literally thousands of takes on traditional lemonade. Some of my favorite and easy to prepare are below:

Grape Lemonade

1 large can of frozen Grape Juice. It can be white, red, or purple.

1 large can of frozen Lemonade

1 large orange sliced into wedges.

Make the grape juice and lemonade according to the package directions. Fill tall glasses with ice and pour in half grape juice and half lemonade. Stir the juice with an ice tea spoon and garnish the glass it an orange wedge.

Mint Lemonade

4 large Lemons or equivalent of Real Lemon

1 Bunch of Mint or 4 tablespoons of peppermint extract.

½ cup of dates.

Six cups of water '

This makes four tall servings if served on ice in ice tea glasses.

Juice your lemons and then combine the mint, dates, and water in the blender and liquidly the ingredients. The dates provide natural sweetening. You can add ½ a bunch of kale or spinach to make the mixture appear green and mint. This is an excellent way to get your kids to drink their vegetables as the taste of the greens is not really detectable. If you add greens, you will have to strain the mixture before serving.

Cherry Lemonade

6oz Real Lemon Juice

4 oz of cherry juice

6 tablespoons of confectioner's sugar

24 oz of water

This makes one quart of cherry lemonade.

Use a blender to mix the ingredients and to give the cherry lemonade a slight frothy look.Serve this lemonade over ice. This can be dressed up for a company by garnishing the glasses with a lemon wedge, orange wedge, and cherry on a toothpick.

Peach Lemonade

2 peaches pureed or the equivalent of unscented peach baby food.

1 can of frozen lemonade.

Peach slices for garnish

6 cups of water

Place all the ingredients into a boiling pot and bring to a low boil for about two minutes. If the peach puree does not totally liquefy into the rest of the mixture strain the lemonade's, Let the mixture cool and put in a chilled pitcher. Serve over ice in ice tea glasses and garnish with peach slice.

Summertime is really an excellent time to make lemons into lemonade.

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