School is out, and that means the kids are home all day. What do you do with them? Well, you will be happy to know that more communities are offering plenty summer activities that are fun for the entire family.

However, even without these activities, there are plenty of things for you to do with your child during the next few months of summer vacation. Want a few examples? We have just that for you.

Many kids have so much energy that sports are an excellent way for them to cut loose, meet friends, and run off some of that pent-up energy that keeps you wondering how you will ever keep up with them. You will find that many high schools offer sports camps which are held during the day.

High schoolers might teach younger ones how to play and create teams. It is a great way to build their confidence and keep them active, so they are not plopped in front of the television.

Museums are also a great idea to do. I cannot recall how many times we have said that we would love to go the museums. They add new exhibits all the time. We just never get there. So, if we do not have the money to do a family vacation out of town, we do one in town and to all those attractions that we do not usually get to.

Simple books from the store or library can help you come up with ideas that take everyday ideas and create something that you would not dream of. Part of the summer is getting messy, so trying all those different art items that you usually put away, might be just the idea to get tons of giggles. It can also be a way for them to overcome the “I’m bored” blues.

We have found that the library has fantastic things going on during the summer. For the little kids, they usually have some storytellers or arts and craft times that the kids just love to do.

It gives the adults time to allow someone else to instruct their children, yet will enable them to be a part of the experience. For the older kids, they have book programs. The more your child reads, the more points they earn.

While the library has all these programs, the park is another one of those places that are fun to go to. I love nothing more, whether there is a program going on or not, activities that allow me to read or work on something while I watch them laugh and play.

However, more parks are coming up with sports leagues or crafts and music time for children to attend. Catch the newspaper or read through different community calendars to learn of all the things that you can do with your children this summer. Your kids will have a blast and so will you.