Women all over the world have experienced the effects of Breast Cancer. Breast cancer can be curable if caught early. It can also be tragic.

Lowering your risk of Breast Cancer is the best way to fight the disease on an individual basis. If you are ready to make lifestyle changes and dedicate a small portion of your time, you can help to move toward a cure for this devastating disease.

  1. Your body is under your control. You have the power alone to see to it that you are in top form physically. Exercise is a known friend in reducing your risk. You can lower the risk of several women by starting a walking club, or using a buddy system when you join a gym. Every woman in your life that you can encourage to take part in fitness will face a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

  2. Breastfeed your babies. There is a proven link to the benefits of breastfeeding and the cancers that it protects you from. Enjoy a lowered risk and healthier children.

  3. Cut back on Alcohol. Drinking even one glass a day can increase your risk of developing breast cancer. Cutting back on even a few drinks a week can help counter this threat. Cutting out drinking all together will give you the best benefit.

  4. Eat well. Drinking a lot of life-sustaining water and getting in your daily servings of fruits and vegetables is a fantastic way of preventing breast and other cancer from getting to you. Women need to be taking at least 1000 mg of calcium a day. Get yours by increasing low-fat dairy intake on a daily basis.

  1. Take someone you love to get screened for breast cancer. Mammograms are essential to early diagnosis. Sometimes you can talk a hesitant family member to go if you take the initiative, make the appointment, and also have one done.

  2. Raise awareness. Walk at a Brest Cancer event to raise money for research. Volunteer your time to a local organization that provides free screenings. Blog about it, write about it, wear t-shirts. Get the word out that this is an important cause.

  3. Teach your daughters. Every little girl has a mother or female influence. Use this as an advantage against this disease. Teach your daughters how to give themselves a monthly self-breast exam. Many women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer because of this method alone!

Take your health and the health of your loved ones very seriously. You are essential in the prevention, fight, and prevention of this disease. If more women step up and take action, we will have more survivors and someday, with hope, a cure. Cancer can destroy lives. Protect yourself and the ones you love.